Navigation software list

This is quite complete list of navigation software for PC and Mac. Please comment, is You find something missing or mistakes in price info etc.


SeaClear II


U$ 1 – U$ 500

Garmin Mobile PC (about U$ 60)

OziExplorer (about U$ 90)

Transas Navigator (about U@ 120)

MacENC for Mac (about U$ 160)

PassagePlus for Mac (about U$ 70)

GPSNavX for Mac (about U$ 60)

NavimaQ for Mac (about U$ 100)

Euronav SeaPro Lite (about U$ 160)

Fugawi Marine ENC (about U$ 280)

SailCruiser Pro by NavSim (about U$ 400)

Nobeltec VNS MAX Pro (Visual Navigation Suite) by Jeppesen (about U$ 490, Sailing Pack add  U$ 300)

Rose Point Coastal Explorer (about U$ 400)

DigiBoat SOB (about U$ 290)

DigiBoat SOB Pro (about U$ 450)

CAPN Navigation Software (about U$ 450)

NaviGator Std by Navigation Dynamics (about U$ 225)

NaviGator PRO by Navigation Dynamics (about U$ 500)

U$ 501 – U$ 1000

MaxSea Navigator (about U$ 600)

Raytech RNS by Raymarine (about U$ 600)

SeaPro Standard by Euronav (about U$ 580)

SeaPro Performance Sailing by Euronav (about U$ 915)

> U$ 1 001

NavCruiser Pro by NavSim (about U$ 1200)

MaxSea Exolorer (about U$ 3000)

Nobeltec Admiral MAX Pro by Jeppesen (about U$ 1000 – 1200)

Rose Point ECS (about U$ xxxx)

Expedition (used in Volvo Ocean Race, etc, about U$ 1300)

B&G Deckman (previously Sailmath Deckman from Pro-Tech Marine, about U$ 1650)


Maptech Chart Navigator (was about U$ 250, company was sold)

Maptech Chart Navigator Pro (about U$ 500 company was sold)


2 Responses to Navigation software list

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  2. bob baker says:

    1: add Seatrack by Seatrack Ltd, about £uk 950 plus tax for all options

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