Garmin-Oregon-400This blog is all about gadgets, used on boat or yacht. New navigation software and hardware, video equipment, electronic charts, communication, AIS, GPS etc. I’m not a pro sailor. I started sailing just 2 years ago, but I participate now different offshore races on our ORC Grand Soleil 42R, fast and beautiful yacht. Many skippers and sailors are concentrating on sailing only. I try to find how technology can make it better, more interesting and safer. And all that in reasonable budget. Enjoy!


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  1. Gene Wood says:

    I just wrote a cool sailing app for my Droid. Check it out at the android market, search for BC Racer. It shows VMG, SOG, Header/Lift, Lat/Long and more.

  2. Steven Dale says:


    I am the UK Reseller of the Wi-Fire which you have previously reviewed. I am wondering if you would swap links.

    You can contact me via my site or email me.


    BTW Great site – just wish I had a yacht!

  3. Vaclav Samsa says:

    we are UK company developing software for smartphones. We are focused on sailors and our Explorers Tracker has lot of functions very useful for them. Oncoming version includes enhanced Anchor Alarm feature i.e.
    We would like You to review the software and we believe, it’s the gadget You are missing onboard
    Thank You

    • Jaak says:

      Great, please send the application link and promo code if needed.


      • Vaclav Samsa says:

        Explorers Tracker is currently available for Symbian phones only, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android are on the list. You can download it here – http://www.cealogs.co.uk/downloads
        It’s fully functional for 30 days from initial installation. Of course, we can provide You with the full license upon request.
        I’m wondering how You will like it.

  4. Colin says:

    You’ve missed Quick Charts by Memory Map

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