Omnidirectional 9 dBi WiFi solution

Friend of mine uses for offhore Internet setup like that:

Interline INT-HOR-0924-V omnidirectional antenna

Interline INT-HOR-0924-V omnidirectional antenna

9 dBi omnidirectional 54 cm long Interline in the masttop. Good solution for yacht, cause it’s lightning protection shorted for DC. Same antenna is available also in 12 dBi version, but for yachtowners I recommend 9 dBi model because of wider vertical reception pattern.

Ubiquiti Bullet

Ubiquiti Bullet

…. connected to Ubiquiti Bullet

Bullet turns onmidirectional antenna into Ethernet (RJ-45). Easy and simple. No drivers needed, pure IP internet directly to laptops 10/100/100 base-T connector.


  • omnidirectional, install and forget
  • POE, needs only Cat5 cable, power is feeded over same cable


  • 9 dBi amplification

Products mentioned

Interline INT-HOR-09/24-V

Ubiquiti The Bullet


4 Responses to Omnidirectional 9 dBi WiFi solution

  1. max stirner says:

    that’s exactly my solution there. works. recommended.

  2. jaakennuste says:

    Thanks for confirming the solution. What are the distances, You actually got connected?


  3. Mark Kilty says:

    The Bullet is a fine product, but never intended for marine use. It was built as “weatherproof”, not “waterproof”.

    Please see this link for lots of info about water issues and the bullet.

  4. Jack says:

    Mark is correct, even after they corrected some problems last year with the Bullet it is not suitable for marine use for a number of reasons including waterproof, (you should have IP67), no conformal coating, and difficulty to get working for the typical boater. Having given seminars at boat shows and for Seven Seas U. on Marine WiFi, I realize that most typical boaters don’t manage with commercial interfaces and that they need things to be dead simple. The Bullet as shipped is really lacking.
    So I love the Bullet, but you need to add stuff to make it suitable for use by boaters on boats

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