Solar GPS

F-tech solar-powered bluetooth GPS

F-tech solar-powered bluetooth GPS

Many people use Laptops and cheap GPS mouse (connected to USB), equipped with PC navigation software and electronic charts instead of dedicated chartplotter. It’s a quite good solution for route planning at home. Laptop display is also bigger and it’s considerable faster and more usable than cheap chartplotter.

But there is a problem with GPS. Using U$ 50 – 100 USB GPS mouse is easiest and cheapest way, but the USB wire is always on the way and GPS is not on ideal position. Luckily GPS makers like F-Tech heard that issue and developed solar-power wireless GPS. It doesn’t need batteries, wires, switching on/off. Its just sitting somewhere on the deck and sending positions via bluetooth. Sun is almost limitless power source on the sea, why not to use it? And it can still function in total darkness 20 hours, off the battery, fully charged.

F-Tech Solar GPS tech data:


NMEA 0183 v3.01 (Default:GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC,VTG,CHN)
MTK NMEA Command

Baud Rate:


Max. Update Rate:

1 Hz




32 channel all-in-view tracking


L1, 1575.42MHz

Hot Start:

1 sec. Average

Warm Start:

36 sec. Average

Cold Start:

37 sec. Average

Reacquisition Time:

Less than 1 sec (Typical)

Position Accuracy:

< 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)


Tracking:-158 dBm

Power Supply:


Power Consumption


Battery Life

20HRs with Li-Ion Battery,30HRs with solar power

Antenna Type:

Built in low noise patch antenna

External Antenna Interface:



Class 2, distance up to 10 meters


55(W)x103(L)x22(H) mm

LED Indicator:

Red LED:GPS is fixed or not fixed / Power On
Blue LED:BT is connected or not connected

Operating Temperature:

-10°C to + 70°C

Storage Temperature:

-40°C to + 85°C

Operation Humidity:

5%~95%, Non-Condensing

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